LIVO Lubricants is a leading oil company located in Dubai, UAE.  The company offers a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants. Our unsurpassed products are formulated with the latest technology to meet the specification requirements of major leading manufacturers. Our mission to achieve customer’s satisfaction places us on the right track to maintain high quality products.

LIVO lubricants products are manufactured in the UAE and shipped to customers worldwide. Our products are made in a state of the art plant where they are blended and packed in different size containers to meet demands of various customers.  LIVO lubricants are blended using high viscosity index base stocks.  The additives are selected from leading certified brands to enhance the desired properties of the lubricants.  LIVO lubricants are subjected to strict quality control assessments to surpass the most stringent specification requirements.

It is our mission to have control over cost and quality.   We aim to be a vigorous competitor to the leading international brands.  We continue to assess our products to enhance performance. Your satisfaction is an indication of our progress which is something we strive hard to achieve.

The continuous R&D effort toward improving the performance of our products necessitates the continual updating of products characteristics. The information listed here is subject to changes in accordance to revisions.