LIVO VG 68 AW/HP Hydraulic Oil.

LIVO LUBRICANTS-Common Terms: Anti-Wear Agents :  Additives used to prevent damage  caused by metal to metal contact by producing a thin protective film around the parts.

LIVO VG 68 AW/HP Hydraulic Oil Is High Performance Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil. It is designed for the most severe and sensitive applications. LIVO Anti-Wear High Performance Hydraulic Oil is especially developed for use in all kinds of hydraulic systems. It offers an advanced line of universal oils to provide the ultimate protection in most severe and sensitive applications. LIVO Hydraulic oil is the appropriate choice of major leading manufacturers.

Benefits and Features.

  • LIVO Hydraulic Oil has excellent thermal and oxidative stability to combat formation of sludge, varnish or any other degradation products.
  • LIVO Hydraulic Oil has supreme hydrolytic stability preventing filter blocking.
  • LIVO Hydraulic Oil exhibits good demulsibility ensuring fast water separation. The added antifoaming agents reduce the loss of lubricity.
  • LIVO Hydraulic Oil is fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors to provide complete system protection from attack by water and corrosive agents.
  • LIVO Hydraulic oil has very low pour points and a very high viscosity index.