LIVO LUBRICANTS-Common Terms: Demulsibility :  A measure of a fluid’s ability to separate from water.

LIVO EP Gear oils combine premium performance gear oil additives with high quality base stocks to optimize performance. They are designed for automotive and industrial uses where extreme pressure gear oils are required.

Benefits and Features.

  • LIVO Gear Oils have high viscosity index to ensure transfer of lubricants throughout the gear train.
  • Premium extreme pressure additives to enhance performance.
  • Very high storage and thermal stability.
  • Effective anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-scuffing and anti-foam properties.
  • Excellent stability during operation.
  • Long drain interval.
  • Maintain fluidity at low temperature and film thickness at high temperature.
  • Excellent Foam and oxidation inhibitors to ensure lubrication with long service life and excellent resistant to sludge formation at high temperature.