LIVO ETA MP3 Lithium Grease, NLGI 3.

LIVO LUBRICANTS-Common Terms: Multi-Purpose Grease :  It is defined as a grease combining the properties of two or more specialized greases that can be applied in more than one application.

LIVO ETA MP3 is a premium quality multipurpose lithium grease. It is designed for the most effective lubrication of loaded slide-bearing, ball-bearing, wheel-bearing, chassis, nipple steering linkages, and universal joints. It is recommended for the lubrication of various automotive, agriculture, mining, construction, and industrial equipments.

Benefits and Features.

  • Excellent adhesion properties sealing surfaces from contaminants.
  • Effective anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation properties.
  • Excellent mechanical stability allowing grease to retain its consistency under severe conditions.
  • Very good thermal stability.
  • Durable film reduces maintenance cost.
  • Outstanding water resistance.
  • Excellent reversibility and pumpability.